About us

Our Products


We offer our customers high quality air fresheners that last over 30 days, and carry variety of scents offered nowhere else. What's different about our air fresheners? Our production process is time intensive and we invest a lot into quality control to ensure that all of our products exceed your expectations. Our air fresheners are hand made and designed to last much longer than traditional air fresheners, all while maintaining the quality of smell.


Who are we?

We are heavily involved in the car community. We will be hosting give-aways, events, and you may even see us at your local car gatherings.


Our mission

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality air fresheners you'll ever experience. We are also devoted to contributing to the car community by hosting events,  giveaways, and providing sponsorships. Follow us on Instagram and twitter @DeepFreshLLC for our latest news, product releases, events, and give-aways.